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Crawlspace French Drain Installation Charlotte NC

Looking for a crawlspace french drain installation? Freedom Crawlspace is the drainage company for you. We help with moisture control, & standing water removal.

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Effective Basement Drainage System in Charlotte, NC

We are unable to halt the flow of water, but we are able to direct it in the manner that best serves our purposes. Drainage problems have become a serious worry in both residential and commercial properties in North Carolina as a direct result of the high rainfall that occurs in many parts of the state during the spring and early summer months. Not paying attention to proper water management can lead to dangerous hydrostatic pressure, which puts the foundation of your property at risk. Avoid this potential disaster by being mindful of your home’s water needs. Because it is the lowest point of your property, the basement has a high risk of flooding even if there is just a light amount of precipitation, such as rain or snow. The good news is that we will be able to assist you in fixing the problems with your drainage system by building a drainage system along the foundation of your property.

Installing an internal drainage system is not only a practical and common solution to this problem, but it is also less expensive and less invasive than other options. Freedom Crawlspace Services can assist you if you are looking for a reputable firm that installs drainage systems in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. The amazing outcomes that our drainage system services guarantee won’t require you to empty out your savings account. Simply give us a call, and we will have someone come out to your location as soon as possible to offer you a FREE estimate with no strings attached!

Crawlspace Encapsulation Charlotte NC

What are French Drain Systems and How Do They Work?

By putting up a French drain system in both your residential and commercial premises, Freedom Crawlspace Services can assist you in resolving any problems you’re having with floods. French drain systems are quite straightforward and uncomplicated. These are ditches that have gentle slopes, a pipe that has a hole in it, and some gravel. They function similarly to gutters above ground, helping to direct water flow away from areas that are prone to flooding. A French drain is a type of drainage system that channels water away from a building’s foundation using a trench. The water is then collected in a sump basin and pumped out of the basement using a sump pump. It’s similar to redirecting water away from a spot where you don’t want it to be and into a different one. It is in your best interest to hire a professional basement waterproofing service so that you can get the most out of your French drain system. It is an important preventative measure that can help you avoid future water issues, the repairs for which could end up costing you a significant amount of money.

Crawlspace French Drain Installation In Charlotte, NC

We at Freedom Crawlspace Services are committed to providing drainage system services in Charlotte, North Carolina that are both trustworthy and honest. We pride ourselves on being transparent with our customers and never, ever keep them in the dark. Permit us to explain to you how we at CCP install French drains in the traditional manner!

  • Find A Suitable Spot For The Trench: First things first, we have to do a property evaluation and figure out the most effective path for your French drain system. This includes determining where the water should go and checking to make sure that the end of the trench is in the correct spot.
  • Check The Incline: Water always finds its way down the path with the least amount of resistance. The water will have an easier time flowing downhill and reaching its destination if the French drain is sloped. During the process, the contractors that work on our drainage system allow for a minimum slope of 1%, which indicates that there will be a drop of 1 foot for every 100 feet of length.
  • Trench Digging: After removing the sod, begin digging the trench, paying attention to creating vertical sides and a gently sloping bottom. Then, line the trench with landscape fabric, being sure to use one long swath throughout the entire process.
  • Finish Digging the Hole: When you are finished, backfill the hole with coarse drainage gravel, such as crushed granite, until it is level with the ground or sod that is nearby.

When it comes to the construction of a basement drainage system in Charlotte, North Carolina, there is nothing that can compare to the dedication and attention to detail that our specialists at Freedom Crawlspace Services provide. You may rely on us to provide you with a living environment that is worry-free so that you can pay attention to the myriad of other responsibilities that have been placed before you.

Have You Considered Getting A French Drain System In Charlotte, North Carolina?

When they are having issues with water in their residential or commercial premises, homeowners and business owners reach out to Freedom Crawlspace Services to have a French drain system installed. The most typical cause is having basements that are damp due to having foundations that are flooded. Because of its proximity to the ground, the basement’s primary adversary is the obstruction caused by groundwater.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Charlotte NC

If the property is not properly monitored and managed, groundwater has the potential to enter the basement and cause floods. French drains are constructed so that water will be redirected away from your home’s foundation. You will never have to worry about problems with wet basements ever again if there is an efficient drainage system in place, regardless of how heavy the flow is. Another factor is wet areas on the grass, which are typically brought on by leaks in the surrounding landscape. By installing the French drain below the boggy area, the water will be collected and directed to its appropriate position, which will prevent water from collecting and will keep the basement from becoming damp.

The French drain system is also useful for commercial applications, such as the construction of retaining walls for use in landscaping endeavors. In the absence of adequate drainage, water has a propensity to press on the wall, which can lead to cracking in the wall’s surface. Attractive terraces and planting beds are not susceptible to damage from water. The pressure that is exerted next to retaining walls and basement walls can be reduced by using a French drain system.

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