Navigating the world of crawlspaces can be confusing which is why we have created this glossary to help you understand some of the terms used in the industry. 

Whether you are a homeowner, builder, or just someone curious about crawlspaces, this page is designed to be a helpful resource for you. We have curated a comprehensive list of terms related to crawlspaces and encapsulation, from technical jargon to industry-specific lingo. 

With Freedom Crawlspace Services easy-to-understand definitions and explanations, you can confidently communicate with contractors, understand industry standards, and make informed decisions about your crawlspace. So let’s dive in and empower ourselves with crawl-related knowledge!

Dictionary defines various terms related to crawl space inspection, crawlspace encapsulation, drainage, moisture control, mold remediation, and other services Freedom Crawlspace Services offers. It helps clients and stakeholders better understand the industry and its terminology.